Web Application Development

We build custom web applications by leveraging popular, well maintained and community supported client and server frameworks that will meet your business’s needs and desires.

Why “custom”?

  • Your business was probably not made from a cookie cutter
  • Able to provide custom solutions to core business problems
  • A custom web application is able to change with the constantly changing needs of a business

Why open source frameworks?

  • Open Source Frameworks with large communities provide:
    • Often updated and quickly addressed bugs
    • Highly requested or needed core features built in a timely fashion
    • Robust documentation
    • Vetted to ensure security and reliability
    • Lots of community developed plugins and libraries
    • Never have to re-invent the wheel – focus more time and energy on core business functions and processes.

Server side frameworks (Backend Code)

  • Zend Framework 2 and 3, Laravel and Symfony as core server side technologies
  • Rapid development of REST APIs
  • Easily integrate with 3rd party vendor applications and APIs

Client side frameworks (Frontend Code)

  • AngularJS and VueJs as core client side technologies
  • Full MVC Stack for front end code
    • The same design patterns and best practices can be applied to the code that customers experience in a web browser
  • Lots of UI components and 3rd party libraries