Time and Materials

Sanctus Studio builds web applications for clients using time and materials invoicing, which means our clients pay for the time it takes for us to design, develop, test, iterate, launch and maintain their project.

No fixed bids: we’ll work within your budget

Most of the projects Sanctus Studio is engaged in are not priced on a fixed-bid basis, set hourly rates, or even a fixed time of completion. Instead, we discuss your budget, upfront and openly, and determine what features and functionality we think we can build within that budget and timeframe. At best, this is only a really good guess based on what the client has been able tell us is required and the number and quality of questions we asked in order to extract more information.  It’s extremely important for us to identify the requirements and features that are most important for the project to ship as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

Constantly Plan, Build, Test, Iterate

We work with you to validate project requirements as best as we can before we start work on the project, and we’ll be iterating throughout the development process to make sure we’re on the right track, adding new features, postponing or removing others based on your feedback (and the feedback of your end users).

Sometimes we complete features sooner than expected, but in reality, features are more difficult than we expected, and we need more time to deliver them. We’ll work with you to ensure that we’re managing expectations all along the way, and that you know what you’re getting in each release cycle.  Our goal is to deliver working software with every release.

Initial consultation

Your initial consultation is completely free!  We spend ample time talking through your project, reviewing any design documents you have, and meeting with you in-person meeting or by video conference to help us determine if we’re a good fit for your project and which features can fit within your budget.

Fit is important. We operate on a single primary technology stack, typically Linux, PHP, MySQL and Javascript (React or Vue.js) so if there are constraints as to what programming languages we can use, we’ll determine if we can accommodate your project.

We say Yes a lot, but No (or later) just as much

We will question everything you want to put in your project to make sure we can fit the most important ideas or features in your project to deliver on budget.

It sounds expensive

After researching other companies, as well as being part of other successful enterprise teams we’re confident our simplified billing model will yield the best results. We currently bill at a rate of $500/developer/day.  In this model, a developer (or UX/UI designer) spends an entire business day working on your project, which means their attention is focused on your project.  We try our best not to deploy our developers to multiple projects per week.  Because we plan, build and test throughout the entire software lifecycle, our Project management and QA testing work is billed at a consolidated rate of 15% of the entire invoice. This will appear on invoices as a separate line item.  For example, an invoice with $5000 of development will have a line item of $750 for PM/QA as well, totaling $5750 for the entire invoice.

Our Project Management team sends out weekly status updates, coordinates communication, manages task assignment and oversight systems, and generally assists the development team throughout the project.

Our Product Ambassador services are baked in to our process and help take your project to the next level. Your Product Ambassador listens to your concerns, helps define the problems you’re facing, and constantly works as client advocate to help you make the best decisions for your application. If the Project Manager keeps the ship sailing, the Product Ambassador makes sure we’re boarding the right ship.

Bi-weekly Invoicing

We invoice every other Friday, across all of our clients, for the days utilized over the last two weeks. We’ll break this out for you by developer days and front-end designer days, for your convenience. Invoices are due NET15, payable by check or PayPal, which subject to a 3% fee.

Everyone on the same page, every week

We send out weekly status reports on all active projects. This allows you to see the progress we’ve made, what new features we’ve worked on, and allows us to discuss with you what we plan to work on next, with your approval. We also typically aim to have a demo of shippable code ready every two weeks so you don’t have to use your imagination.

The team

Your team will include 1 Developer and 1 Designer. Our PM/QA/PA time is included regardless of the team configuration, and billed at 15% of the development costs for the number of resource days.

Your team consists of one developer and a UX/UI designer working on your project until the first release.  Depending on the project, the designer may work on other projects, but works on a single project per day.

What will I spend each month?

For our typical team, each four-week month costs $23,000 based on:

(1 developer + 1 designer) = 2 resources x 5 days-a-week x 4 weeks = 40 resource days x $500 = $20,000

40 resource days * 15% = $3,000 in product support

This may be less if a designer is redeployed to other projects, therefore, reducing the number of resource days in a billing cycle.

How long to complete?

This depends entirely on the scope of your project, along with a few other factors. Good sized projects with us typically start in the 1-2 month range.

What adds cost to a project?

All software development takes time. Adding features adds time. Changing features takes additional time, especially after it’s already been queued into a release cycle.

We test our code and test all of the features and software we build, across multiple platforms, constantly throughout the development process. This is baked into our process and helps us with our goal of delivering an extremely high quality finished product.

Next steps

Please reach out to us for an initial consultation so we can discuss your project and evaluate if we’re a fit for you.  It’s your project and we only want to do your project if it’s going to bring the value you desire.