Sql Server: Check if Exists

In my day job I am always writing sql DDL statements, such as, creating tables, indexes, keys, constraints, store procedures, etc. The problem I have is that I can’t remember which way to test for existence of each object type. Some, like tables and stored procedures, only require adding the IF [NOT] EXISTS to the CREATE statement. But indexes, keys, constraints, schemas, and database require doing a lookup inside of a IF NOT EXISTS ( ) BEGIN ‘create/drop’ END query structure.

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Productivity: 3 Habits Im Breaking

I just read a great blog post on breaking bad habits that decrease productivity.  I am currently focusing on eliminating 3 of those habits in an effort to be more productive.  I’ve made many positive steps already to be more productive, but these three caught my eye as things I still struggle with.

If you want to read the full article, head on over to 11 Habits You Need to Stop by Natalie Bacon.

For now, let me start with the most obvious habit, to me, that I struggle with.

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Mac OS X: Command Line checksum - md5, sha1 and sha56

I’m often using MacOS X to verify checksum of files I’ve downloaded from the interwebs, such as .iso files.  I seem to quickly forget the simple commands that allow me to check files against 3 different types of hashes or checksums.  The commands should be similar when using a linux or unix variant. Let’s say I want to burn an ISO to a usb drive for my new favorite linux distro, Kali Linux.

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